Mi Band button dismiss / snooze

You can choose, if the MiBand button has the power to snooze or dismiss your alarms.
If you need some extra motivation to get out of bed, you can have the button without any action - are forced to get up and dismiss the alarm on the phone.

1. Tools & MiBand

In Leftmenu → Settings → Sleep as Android → Mi Band Button Action

  • None - the button will not have any effect on alarm

  • Dismiss

  • Snooze

2. Notify & Fitness

In Sleep as Android settings section:

  • Dismiss - enables dismissing alarm with the button (dismiss will be confirmed with a vibration)

  • Snooze - with two button press, you can snooze the alarm (will be confirmed with a vibration)

  • No action for the button - disable both previous options

Tags: wearable, vibration, alarm, miband