No heart rate measurements from my watch

Please check our integration table table – only devices with a heart icon will measure heart rate with Sleep as Android. Other smartwatches with HR sensor need to go around SaA – save HR to S Health or Google Fit, from where Sleep as Android will download it. Please note that Sleep as Android downloads the measurements usually with a day’s delay (the sync is triggered once another record is saved).

For enabling heart rate monitoring with compatible wearables, go to Settings → Wearables > Heart rate monitoring.
For enabling heart rate monitoring with BT smart device, go to Settings → Wearables → Bluetooth Smart.

BT Smart device
  1. Try to pair with your device (this may not be required for all devices and OS versions).

  2. Make sure no other app is using your device while sleep tracking…​


Check your HR settings in the Mi Fit app.
When the Mi Band is in Sleep Assistant HR mode in Mi Fit, it doesn’t feed the HR data to Mi Band Tools / Sleep as Android. When it is in regular HR tracking mode (24-hour), it works.

  • Tools&MiBand - Check if Heart Rate Monitor is enabled in T&MB Leftmenu → Heart Rateic cogHeart Rate monitor

  • Notify&Fitness - Enable heart rate monitoring in N&F ic action graphSleep → Monitor heart, and also in N&F ic action graphSleep → More options → Sleep as Android → Settings → Heart monitor

Wear OS
  • For older versions of Android (4 and lower) on your phone, you need to opt-in to our Beta testing channel. Newer version no longer needs to be in Beta.

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