Release notes

You can download any older version from our web here.

1. Latest version 20200505

– CAPTCHA Cheating Protection! Allows you to set a wager on not cheating CAPTCHA in Settings → CAPTCHA → Cheating protection
– Goal wagers are now in-app purchases which can be refunded directly from the app in first 7 days or when completed
– Workaround for time format in text to speech
– Fix for not showing not supported playlists in lucid dreaming, anti-snoring and alarm backup
– Ordered default playlist keeps order so that next alarm starts where the last alarm left it
– Automatic resolution for added sleep times overlapping already existing sleeps
– Fix for sunrise wake up when smartlight is disabled
– Fix for a rare crash in noise playback
– Connection to wearable is confirmed with a single vibe when starting sleep tracking
– Tracking screen asks for BT when airplane mode is enabled and wearable connected
– Fix for anti-snoring vibration preview to work on watch
– Configuring your smart bulbs is now possible without disconnecting from bridge first
– Fix for a race in “Track without” smart watch option when starting tracking which may result in empty graph
– Fix for missing CHANGE_MULTICAST_STATE permission on Android 5-
– Fix for crash when deleting part of graphs (recent regression)
– Fix for asking for permission when doing an data import
– Fix for goal showing failed text in first 14 days even progress is over 100%
– Properly deleting snoring events when shrinking graphs
– Close button on RDI notice
– Fix for sleep time estimates when updating to a new version of the app
– Fix for droid widget sleeping all day long
– HR Wearable choice dialog now allows to choose form a list of devices
– Fix for Wifi dialog occurring on Xiaomi when using smart lights
– Fix for Lucid dreaming headphones only not working in preview
– Fix for snooze though volume buttons if snooze limit is reached
– Fix for sleep apnea link
– Fix for HR tracker connectivity restarting
– Updates in translations e.g. big update in Arabic translation and more