Get started with Sleep as Android app

1. Why do I need a sleep tracking app?

Sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health, both physical and mental.
Consistent sleep monitoring can help you understand the influence of various factors and your lifestyle on your sleep quality, habits and thus your overall health and longevity.
Important part of this experience is our smart wake up which makes your morning more pleasant. The app triggers the alarm during light sleep when it feels natural - just like waking up without an alarm at all.

2. What exactly can the app measure?

The app is collecting data about your movement, your body vital signs (HR, HRV, SpO2, breath rate), about the environment (light and sound level), and about your lifestyle (from the added tags, like #coffee, #sport…​), to create a complex image of your sleep.
The movement data from the sensor are evaluated by unique algorithms to estimate your sleep phases. This method used is called actigraphy (you can read more in the Sleep tracking theory chapter). After each night, you will get a sleep graph, and after the app collects enough data for long-term statistic, you can explore your sleep quality patterns in your Stats and Trends.


Firstly - did you buy the unlock as a separate app ("Sleep as Android Unlock") or as an in-app purchase? The solution is different in each case.

1. Separate Unlock app

  1. Please make sure you have installed both Sleep as Android as well as Sleep as Android Unlock in your System Settings→ Apps → Downloaded.

  2. If not, head to the Google Play Store and download Sleep as Android Unlock again! As long as you use the same Google account you did the purchase with as your primary account in Play Store it remembers your purchases and you should be able to download again.

  3. If you are unable to download it (you see a price instead of download button), please go to the Play Store on your computer and check if you are able to download it there.

2. In-app purchase

In-app purchases are notoriously buggy on Android, especially when you have more than 1 account on your smartphone.
The problem is that in-app purchases are always tied to a specific account, and if the app to which the in-app belongs is installed under a different account on your phone, it won’t be recognized. We consider it a bug, even though it is a logical one, not technical.

Note After the initial purchase, you need to wait for a while (maximum a few hours), the app should contact the licence server and unlock itself.
  1. Make sure the Google account you did purchase the app with is the primary account on all your devices in the Play Store app,
    go to “My apps” in the Play Store app in order to refresh, then restart your phone. This is super important.

  2. If the app doesn’t seem to unlock, please reinstall the app, this has solved the problem for many users recently. Do not forget to backup your data - see details here.

Another way that seemingly helped recently:

  1. Uninstall Sleep as Android (backup your data first!).

  2. In a BROWSER on your desktop: Log in to the web interface of Google Play with the account you used to purchase.

  3. Install Sleep as Android from the web interface to your device.

  4. Don’t let it open the Play Store app, but use the install button and choose your device in the browser.

Please send a debug report (Left ☰ menu → ic help q Support →ic bug Report a bug.) if the issue should persist. Also please let us know the order number of your purchase. This is included in your purchase confirmation you should have received via email – or you can check it at

The following should hopefully solve your problem:

  1. Start sleep as android

  2. Wait for ~15 minutes

  3. Click on Leftmenu → ic cloud upload Backup → Upload to cloud.

The upload should be unrestricted at that point. Let us know if that does not help.

Play Store supports three ways of purchasing apps:
- a credit card
- Pay Pall
- Google Pay Balance
- Mobile phone billing
- Google Play Gift cards

Not all options are unfortunately available in all regions.

Please contact us ( for other purchase options.

The purchase process is done by Google and is completely out of our control. But from other users’ experience any duplicate charges have always been refunded after a while automatically by the Google payment system. You can check if this has already happened in your Google Wallet account.

Please let us know at if no refund is made for several days.

There are many problems that can occur between Play Store and your phone. Most often they result in an error and inability to download and install the app you want.

Examples of the codes are Error -24, 905, 963, RH-01, and many more. Google doesn’t provide an explanation for those codes, so the internet is full of guesses what they mean and how to solve them. Usually the solution involves cleaning cache of Google Play Services, uninstalling updates for Google Play Services, removing or factory resetting the phone. Sometimes it also suffices to unmount your SD card. Sometimes the error is a temporary glitch on Google servers.

The most comprehensive effort to understand Play Store errors and find solutions is here.

Please note that we are not able to solve any Play Store errors. This is solely between you and Google.

Please note that after the trial period is over, you are free to continue using the app. The main limitation is that the sleep tracking functionality will be disabled for sleeps starting on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. But you can still track the other days and use all the alarm related features such as CAPTCHA, Bedtime… every day.
Also after the trial you may be seeing advertisements in the app.
With the Unlock you also get access to more nature sound ringtones and lullabies.
If you purchase the unlock you will get all your data even form those days, when the tracking was restricted in the free app.
If you decide to purchase the full version we would of course very much appreciate that as it helps us to constantly improve the application.