See for up-to-date version of Urbandroid’s privacy policy that also concerns Sleep as Android.

1. What it does

Allows you to change various privacy options in the app.

2. Where to find it

Settings → Privacy

3. Options

Don’t collect anonymous usage stats

Allows you to opt-out from anonymous data usage stats. No personally identifiable data is collected even when this option is enabled.
The anonymous data are for example - how many users have certain app’s version, how many users have certain type of Android, how many users have sonar selected as the sensor…​

Don’t personalize ads

Allows you to opt-out from the the Android Ads Personalization; it will take you to the system settings page, where you can turn off this feature.


Redirects you to the Facebook Ads preferences.

Note The app does not share your personal data.
The app only asks to display an unspecified ad, the provider of the advertisement will serve the ad based on the advertising ID, that can be disabled (see Don’t personalize ads option above)
You can read more details at our
Note Ads are only present in the free version past the trial. If you see any ads in the premium app, please follow the guide for unlocking the paid version.

Access to the SleepCloud addon, if installed and used.

Android app data backup

Allows using standard Android app data backup service.

Local storage backup

Enables daily local storage, which saves "0/com.urbandroid.sleep/files/sleep-data/" file.

Scoped storage

Enables Scoped storage; when enabled, the access of the app is restricted only to its designated folder. Substitutes the read_storage permission.

Google Fit

Enabled Read only access for Sleep app in the Google Fit integration.


Enables weather data gathering.

Restore settings

Deletes all your recent changes in the settings, and restore them from the latest backup.

Don’t store sleep location

Opts you out of location data collecting. The app only gathers coarse location (± 5km) for geotagging.

Reset home location

Resets your current home location - useful when you move.

Disable experimental features

Opt you out from our new experimental features (like new actigraphy data processing, new neuron network for sound classification…​).

Handle phone calls

Mutes alarms and lullabies, and pauses sound recording when in phone call. The phone permission is needed.