Sleep as Android has a lot of functionality, some of which can be only enabled with permissions granted by user. See below on usage details for each permission.

Permission Google’s description Used by feature Notes

Contacts / Accounts

We have removed this permission since it is not needed anymore by Sleep as Android.


Approximate location (network-based), precise location (GPS and network-based)

We use approximate location (network-based) to implement some of the cool location based features. We gather the location data and make them more coarse to +/- 5 km.

For all of this, we would be okay with approximate location permission. However for bluetooth connecting and pair tracking features, we have to also ask for precise location.

You can completely opt-out from location storing in Settings → Miscellaneous.


Record audio

This permission is needed to access sounds form your microphone so that features such as Sleep noise recording or Sonar.

Photos/Media/Files or Storage

Read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

We don’t touch your photos. We use this permission to export your sleep data to a CSV file (can be disabled in Settings → Privacy → Local backup) or to store noise recordings on the SD card.


Take pictures and videos

This is used by QR Captcha in order to scan barcodes / QR codes and to toggle flashlight in several features. Also the Smile CAPTCHA uses this to detect your smile to dismiss your alarm in the morning.

Wearable sensors/Activity data

Body sensors (like heart rate monitors)

Heart rate monitoring

Enables you to use heart rate trackers along with Sleep as Android


Read phone status and identity

Privacy → Handle phone calls

Used to stop lullabies or recording when you get into a phone call.

Device ID & call information

Read phone status and identity


Used to stop ringing the alarm when you’re in-call.

Device & app history

Retrieve running apps


Read calendar events plus confidential information, add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge

Google Calendar

Allows the app to reschedule alarms according to calendar events and public holidays, if you configure it to do so.

Wi-Fi connection information

View Wi-Fi connections

Online radio alarm, IFTTT, Spotify, Smartlight

Used to check whether WiFi is available.


Receive data from Internet

Lots of features such as online radios, weather reports, backup etc.


Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi

Online radio alarm, IFTTT, Spotify, Smartlight

Used while sleep tracking to briefly connect to Wi-Fi for features that you set up.


View network connections


Pair with Bluetooth devices

Oximeter, Sleep Phaser

Used to directly connect to Bluetooth devices.


Access Bluetooth settings

Oximeter, Sleep Phaser

Used to directly connect to Bluetooth devices.


Control Near Field Communication

NFC Captcha

Required for the NFC Captcha - to stop an alarm by scanning a NFC code


Control vibration


Allows alarms, lucid cues and anti-snoring to vibrate


Draw over other apps


Allows the app to start a full screen alarm window even on Android 10. Also this is required to be able to start Spotify alarms.


Run at startup


To be able to trigger your alarms after the device reboots.


Control flashlight


Prevent device from sleeping

Sleep tracking

We need to read data from sensors for the whole night. If the device goes to sleep, we cannot read data from sensors.


Disable your screen lock


Full network access