Samsung Health

Allows you to sync data between Sleep as Android and Google Fit.*

  • Automatically export your sleep duration, sleep times, and heart rate to Samsung Health.

  • Automatically import 3rd party sleep duration and heart rate into Sleep.

  • Automatically sync #sport tag based on your fitness activity recorded in Samsung Health.

  • Automatically import walking sessions during the night (considered as awake, not including sleep walking).

Settings → Services → Samsung Health

1. How to connect to Samsung Health

Figure 1. In Sleep as Android, enable Settings → Services → Samsung Health.
Figure 2. Grant all permissions to Sleep as Android
Figure 3. Tap the button to sync your data to S Health
Figure 4. Uploading…​
Figure 5. You can go back to Settings. Samsung Health is now enabled.
Figure 6. Detail of one tracked night.

2. Synchronization

There are two synchronization methods:

  • Normal sync: stores the last 2 weeks of data. Sync happens every time sleep tracking ends or when you manually create a sleep record. Also every time you start the app, if no sync has happened in the last 24 hours and the phone is connected.

  • Full sync: stores the last 5 years of data. Can be triggered from Settings > Services > Samsung Health (you need to toggle off and on) > Upload (button in the bottom right corner).

Note Heart rate data are exported/imported only for the past 7 days in both normal and full sync (because they are computationally intensive).
Warning The app will only sync entries without cloud icon (that were already synced from another cloud service).