Tabs home screen

Tabs home screen shows different screens in Tabs - easily accessible and editable.

The tabs available can be edited, so you can hide the ones you don’t use. The tabs showing will be hidden from the Left ☰ menu.

Note The app remembers where you left the app the last time - and this tab will be shown as the first screen the next time you open the app again.
Figure 1. The Tabs home screen editing.

Other home screen types are Dashboard and Alarms only mode.

1. Where to find it

Leftmenu → Home screen section → Tabs
Settings → Personalize → Home screen

2. Options

Alarm tab

Shows you the list of all alarms. Always visible.

Dashboard tab

Lists all cards from Dashboard except the Alarm card

Stats tab
Graphs tab

Shows list of Graphs.

Noise tab

Shows the list of Noise recording.

3. Guide

How to enable / disable tabs
  1. Open Left ☰ menu → Tabs (in home screen section) → tap on the small pencil icon

  2. Tick the tabs you wish to have visible, and untick the ones you wish to hide.