Left ☰ menu

1. What it does

Left ☰ menu is an expandable menu for easy navigation and quick access to features.

2. Where to find it

Tap ☰ icon in the upper left corner or swipe from the left to expand the menu.

Note On phones with gesture navigation you need to tap and hold instead of the swipe to access the menu.

3. Options

3.1. Chronotype

Based on your sleep patterns in tracking history, the app will determine your chronotype and shows you the icon in the Left menu - either you are morning lark, or night owl.

Note The app needs to have at least one month of sleep data.

Your chronotype is then represented by a banner at the very top of the Left ☰ menu.

Chronotypes banner


According to the research of professor Till Roenneberg, people are born with a chronotype, and everyone is somewhere on the spectrum from owl 100% to 100% lark. Our SleepCloud study also came to the same conclusion.

To read more about chronotype, see our documentation on
social jetlag.

3.2. Shortcuts

Available only in Tabs home screen mode. All the shortcuts from this menu can be used for creating widgets on main screen screen - see how to do it.

ic action track Start sleep tracking

Starts sleep tracking.

ic action bedtime Sleep X hours

Starts sleep tracking with and alarm based on your daily sleep duration goal (+ smart period and tracking start delay). See Ideal daily sleep income on how to configure this.

ic action snooze Nap

Schedules a nap and starts tracking; smart period from Settings → Sleep tracking → Smart wake up → Nap smart period is applied. Nap options are based on your last used naps, see Scheduling a nap alarm.

plus Add sleep

For adding a period of sleep manually, when you forgot to track sleep.

ic alarm plus Add alarm

Create new alarm.

3.3. Sleep as Android

ic alarm Alarms

Opens List of alarms.

ic timelapse Stats

Opens Statistics section.

ic action graph Graphs

Opens Graph section.

ic action stats Trend

Opens Statistics section.

ic lightbulb Advice

Opens Advice.

ic goal Goal

Opens Goals.

ic action noise Noise

Opens Noise recording section.

ic puzzle Add-ons

Opens a list of all add-ons, and other apps from out team.

ic cloud upload Backup

Opens back up dialogue - for more details on Back up, see Backup.

ic action lullaby Lullaby

Opens Lullabies.

ic cog Settings

Opens general application settings.

3.4. Home screen

For mode details on Home screen, please see the Home screen.

ic dashboard Dashboard

Presents all options in cards.

ic tab Tabs

Presents all option in tabs, list of alarm is the main screen.

ic action track off white Alarms

Simplified mode without any tracking-related settings.

3.5. Contact support

ic help q Help

Opens help-assistance dialogue.

ic bug Report a bug

Generates an application log that can be shared with our support team to help you with any issue. Don’t hesitate to tell us what’s not working properly. We’re eager to fix it!

ic bug Send a wearable report

Generates a log for debugging troubles with some wearables (Garmin, Samsung).

ic gift Release notes

Get informed about latest changes in Sleep and new added features!

ic share variant Tell friends

You can tell your friends about your experience with Sleep as Android.

ic translate Translate app

Can you help us translating Sleep as Android? Also see Translation.

ic text Terms of use

You can read terms of use here - if you have any question or doubts, please contact us at support@urbandroid.org.