Sleep mask

1. What it does

Sleep mask makes your sleep light stimulated. It can help you fall sleep faster, wake up better and help you with snoring or lucid dreaming.

Dedicated to be used with Sleep as Android and Mindroid. Original hardware by Urbandroid.

Figure 1. Sleep mask

2. Where to find it

Settings → Smartlight → Use Sleep Mask

3. Guide

3.1. Features

  • Sunrise alarm: from low red to full yellow, no more annoying alarm sounds

  • Light stimulated lullabies for faster fall asleep

  • Lucid dreaming: learn to control and remember your dreams

  • Anti-snoring

  • Comfortable to wear all night

3.2. Parameters

  • Works with Sleep as Android and Mindroid

  • Supports any OTG equipped Android phone or Tablet, Android 3.1+

  • Micro USB connector