Uses your smartlight to enhance your sleep experience


  • Sunrise-like wakeup

  • Pee-light

  • Jet lag prevention with light

  • Lucid dreaming and anti-snoring cues with light

Settings → Services → Smartlight

1. Use smartlight

Enables smartlight support.

2. Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri

Tap Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri Disconnected to connect your HUE or Trådfri.

Note Dirigera hub is not supported!

Test connection to your bulb by flashing it.

Turn off

Force turning off your connected bulb.

3. Sleep Phaser

Section for controlling your Sleep Phaser.
For complete manual for Sleep Phaser, see Sleep Phaser chapter.

Tap Sleep Phaser Disconnected to connect your Sleep Phaser with the app.


Use your connected Sleep Phaser as a smartlight. Sleep Phaser doesn’t care about the topmost "Use smartlight" setting in this category.

Sleep tracking

Use your connected Sleep Phaser’s PIR sensor as a sensor for sleep tracking.

Start automatically

Start tracking automatically when you start charging your phone while your Sleep Phaser is in Bluetooth range.

Note On Android 8 and later, you need to have Watch / Phaser Starter for Sleep as Android installed in order for this to work.

4. Sleep Mask

Use Sleep Mask

Enable to use your Sleep Mask as a smartlight.

5. Maximum intensity

Set a a global limit for brightness a smartlight would be allowed to achieve when controlled by Sleep. This is useful for sunrise alarm where 100% might be too bright for some people.

6. Nightlight

If this is set, a pause in sleep tracking will turn on a red light on your set smartlight. If this is set to "Tracking is paused", the pee-light will be on for the whole pause.

7. Lucid dreaming

Use smartlight as a cue for lucid dreaming. When your REM phase is detected, your set light will flash.

8. Anti-snoring

Use smartlight as a cue for anti-snoring. When snoring is detected, your set light will flash. See

9. Keep light up after

Set whether the light should stay on after dismissing alarm, snoozing alarm or both. Or none.

10. Sunrise

Enable to use your phone’s screen as a smartlight for the sunrise alarm. See the guide below on how to configure this in your settings.

11. Wake up with flashlight

If enabled, your phone’s flashlight will be flashing during alarm.

Warning Might be unreliable on some phones.

12. Guide

12.1. How to setup sunrise alarm (sunrise-like wakeup)

  1. Enable Settings → Services → Smartlight → Enabled.

  2. Select your smartlight:

    • Use phone’s screen as a smartlight: Enable Settings → Services → Smartlight → Sunrise or Settings → Alarms → Gentle wakeup → Sunrise.

    • Use a smartbulb as a smartlight: Connect using Settings → Services → Smartlight → Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri (disconnected)

    • Use Sleep Phaser as a smartlight: Connect using Settings → Services → Smartlight → Sleep Phaser (disconnected) and enable Smartlight right under it.

    • Use cable-type Sleep Mask as a smartlight: Connect using Smartlight → Use Sleep Mask.

After you’ve done the above steps to connect and enable the smartlight of your choice, all of your alarms will turn on the smartlight when they start ringing. Now, to have a truly sunrise wakeup, you probably want the smartlight to turn on before the alarm rings.

To set that up, head to Settings → Alarms → Gentle wakeup → Delayed alarm sound start and set it to some period. At the time of the alarm, only the smartlight will turn on at the lowest brightness and gradually brighten up until the set period passes. Then the alarm starts ringing.

Without the delayed sound start, you can control the speed of sun-rise effect by changing the period of Gentle volume. The longer the period is, the longer it takes to get from dark to full light.

Sunrise alarm with delayed sound - start of the alarm sound is set for 3 minutes = the light level will start increasing from alarm time, till the start of the sound. So after 3 minutes, the smart lights will be at the highest brightness. Duration of gentle volume does not play any role.
Sunrise alarm with gentle volume increase, sound not delayed - gentle volume increase is set to 24 minutes = the light level will start increase from alarm time, and it will take 24 minutes to reach the highest brightness.