1. How to set up tracking with a wearable

  1. First of all, make sure your wearable is supported (see the table of all integated wearables).

  2. Check if the wearable is connected properly via Bluetooth.

  3. Install the required companion apps - this depends on the wearable type, check the table below, or one of the subpages.

  4. Select the corresponding option in Settings → Sleep tracking → Wearables → Use wearable.

  5. You can test the connection on some wearables with the Test sensor - see details about testing the connection here.

You can find specific guides for each wearable type on the subpages of the Wearable section.

Note Sleep tracking collects data the whole night and the data are analyzed in real-time. This means the watch must stay connected with BT during sleep tracking.

2. Create an alarm only as vibrations on watch (no sound, delayed sound)

  1. Set the alarm silent (Alarm-specific settings → Sound → Silent) or set the delay on sound (Settings → Alarms → Sound delay).

  2. Enable wearable vibrations (Settings → Sleep tracking → Wearables → Vibrate).

    Note We highly recommend to set a sound delay instead of setting the alarm silent, especially when backup alarm is silent too.