1. What it does

Gives you a task to solve in order to dismiss the alarm.

CAPTCHAs make sure you wake on time and won’t be late for your daily duties. CAPTCHAs prevent any unintentional alarm dismiss.

2. Where to find it

Note CAPTCHA can also be configured in Alarm-specific settings. You can override your default CAPTCHA settings on each alarm and use a more difficult CAPTCHA on special occasions (e.g. exams) or an easier CAPTCHA on the weekends.

3. Options


CAPTCHA for all alarms (that are not overridden by Alarm-specific settings)

CAPTCHA Difficulty

Sets CAPTCHA difficulty. How is difficulty used depends on each CAPTCHA. E.g. Math CAPTCHA requires you to do more equations with larger numbers on higher difficulty.


See the selected CAPTCHA in action.

Warning We strongly recommend to test each CAPTCHA with the Preview feature and use Settings before it is used in the morning - that could bring unwanted surprises.

Some CAPTCHAs have addition settings, e.g.:

  • Editing, adding, and deleting QR codes and NFC tags

  • Selecting tasks for MultiCaptcha

  • Choosing your mantra for Mirror Text CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA Cheating protection

Prevents avoiding solving the CAPTCHA, see Cheating protection details


Download a free extension with more CAPTCHA tasks from Play Store

Advanced Options
Alarm volume in CAPTCHA

Lowers or mutes the alarm volume while solving a CAPTCHA task

Note During CAPTCHA solving, alarm volume is lowered for 1 minute so that you don’t wake your partner with the ongoing alarm. You can use the 1 minute either to solve the CAPTCHA or get to a different room for solving it.
To get more time, tap on the + icon in the upper right corner

4. Guide

4.1. CAPTCHA types

Simple math

Select the correct answer to a math problem from a list of 4 answers

Typed math

Type the correct answer to a math problem without a hint

Sleeping sheep

Find an awake sheep

QR code

see QR Captcha

NFC tag

see NFC Captcha

Shake it

Shake your phone

Dream diary

Write down your dream (10 characters minimum at Difficulty 1).

Note Dream diary entries are saved into your sleep record comments. If there is no sleep record, they are only saved into your clipboard - this allows you to paste them somewhere else.
Say cheese!

Smile to your front camera, with more difficulty you need a cast a more charming smile!

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh at your phone microphone

Captcha Captcha

Classic CAPTCHA known from the early internet days - type the letters of a distorted image

Random Captcha

Solve up to 5 different tasks each morning

Multi Captcha

Solve up to 15 chosen tasks in a row

Mirror text

Read and type a text from a mirror-flipped quote - pre-defined or your own (configured in Settings → Captcha → Settings)

Jumping sheep

Lead the lost sheep through the fences and wolfs to the safety - tap to jump over obstacles


Swear your way to dismiss (English only)

Zombie Walk

Walk 14-74 meters with the phone

Let there be light

Put your phone to a light source

Fun with Flags

Recognize flags

Spin around

Spin around while keeping thumbs on the buttons on the screen

4.2. QR code and NFC tag CAPTCHA

The QR and NFC CAPTCHAs are the ultimate solution for waking up. You can place a QR code or NFC tag in your bathroom or kitchen. The alarm than won’t stop until you get out of bed and scan the code/tag.

Warning Power off protection and Force stop and uninstall protection cannot be used with NFC tag Captcha, or with a QR Captcha using an external QR scanning app.

You can use any barcode or QR code (there are many free online QR code generators).


You can use any credit card, some membership cards or ID cards.

Note For security reasons, NFC Captcha always requires unlocking the screen first.
Only at home

Allows you to skip CAPTCHA when not at home.

Note Your location must be significantly different from your home (at least 2.5 km), as the app does not collect fine location information
Must scan all codes

You need to scan all saved codes.

Learn new QR code / NFC tag
  1. Go to Settings → Captcha → Settings

  2. Tap on "Learn"

Delete a QR code / NFC tag
  1. Go to Settings → Captcha → Settings

  2. Tap on the trash can ic action discard

4.3. CAPTCHA cheating protection

There are three ways of protecting the alarm from your devious morning self, Power off protection, Wakeup motivation, and Force stop and uninstall protection.

Warning Power off protection and Force stop and uninstall protection will overlay the screen, preventing you to cheat the tasks. You cannot use 3rd party scanners (for QR Captcha) or NFC tag Captcha with these option.

4.3.1. Power off protection

Power off protections hides power-off dialogue, so you cannot restart the device or turn it off.

4.3.2. Wakeup motivation

This option allows you to set a small wager on not cheating the Captcha. This will boost your motivation to wake up!
The wager is refundable anytime directly from the app by using the REFUND button.
If you cheat the Captcha, the wager is lost.

4.3.3. Force stop and uninstall protection

This advanced option grants the app admin privileges to prevent uninstalling the app.
Admin privileges also prevent the system from clearing the app’s data.

Note To uninstall the app or to clear the app’s data, you need to revoke this option!


Cannot find settings for one of the task in MultiCaptcha

  1. Disable MultiCaptcha and select the Captcha task you wish to change.

  2. Open Settings → Captcha → Settings and change the task.

  3. Re-select MultiCaptcha again.

Captcha did not work at all

  1. Send us the application log by using Left ☰ menu → ic help q Support →ic bug Report a bug right after you encounter any troubles with the Captcha task. Please, add a short description, what exactly is happening.

I cannot uninstall the app

You have probably activated uninstall protection in CAPTCHA Cheating prevention.

This option registers the app as a device administrator in order to block turning off the phone when an alarm rings.

  • Go to System settings → Location and Security → Device Administrator and deselect the admin which you want to uninstall.

  • or disable Force stop and uninstall protection in Settings → Captcha: Stop oversleeping! → Captcha Cheatin protection (might be hidden under Advanced menu)

Now uninstall the application. If it still says you need to deactivate the application before uninstalling, you may need to Force Stop the application before uninstalling.g

I had to solve Captcha (not at home) when I was not at home

  • Not at home feature only works when we see your location is significantly different from the home (±5km at least) as we do not collect fine location for privacy reasons.

Send us the application log by using Left ☰ menu → ic help q Support →ic bug Report a bug.

QR code scanning does not work

Warning External scanners cannot be used together with Captcha Cheating protection feature.
  1. If there is an issue with Google’s vision API, the scanner might not recognize the QR code.

  2. Try to use another QR scanner - e.g. Barcode Scanner and Google Lens are supported.

  3. Clear the preferred app for QR scanning in System settings → Apps → Sleep → Clear defaults.

  4. On newer phones clear the preferred app in System settings → Apps&Notifications → Sleep → Open by default → Clear defaults.

    qr clear
  5. Now open the Sleep QR scanning in Settings → Captcha → Preview and try to scan the code.

  6. The app will ask you which app will be used for scanning.

    qr alter
  7. Choose Always option to confirm this app for scanning your QR code upon Captcha task.