Snooze will delay your wake up if you do not feel rested at alarm time.

After hitting a snooze button on the alarm screen, you get an additional period of sleep, and the alarm time is postponed.
You can also limit snoozing in several ways to prevent oversleeping.

Settings → Alarms → Snooze
Alarm-specific settings

The alarm goes off at 5:30, and it wakes you up at 5:33.
But you decide to have some more sleep for a few minutes and you hit the 10 snooze button.
The alarm goes off again at 5:43 (5:33 + 10 minutes snooze).

1. Snooze duration

Default snooze time on alarm screen. This appears on the big Snooze button. If you enable Changing snooze time there are additional snooze options as well.

2. Maximum total snooze time

The maximum total time you are allowed to snooze. When this total time is reached, you can only use Dismiss on the alarm screen.

3. Snooze limit

The maximum count of snoozes you are allowed. When this number is reached, you can only dismiss the alarm, the green Snooze are not shown.

4. Halve the Snooze

Each consecutive snooze duration is halved.

At first the default snooze time is 10 minutes. After snoozing for 10 minutes it becomes 5 minutes, than 3 minutes and so on…​

5. Changing snooze time

When enabled, a selection of different snooze durations occurs on the alarm screen in addition to the default snooze time.

6. Snooze after alarm time

Snoozing is be completely disabled after the set alarm time is reached (Does not have effect with disabled Smart wake up)

If your alarm is set to 7:00 and due to Smart wake up it rings at 6:47, the maximum snooze duration is 13 minutes.