Bedtime notification

Sends you a "Time to go to bed!" notification before bedtime.

Bedtime notification is an effective way to maintain optimal sleep duration or to combat sleep deficit. You can set the alert to go off anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours before bedtime, so you’ll have plenty of time to get ready for bed.

Settings → Alarms → Bedtime notification
per-alarm settings → Bedtime notification

Note The time of your bedtime is calculated as follows:
bedtime = next alarm time – daily sleep duration goal

You have set your Daily sleep duration goal to 7 hours, and an alarm for 6 AM.
Your bedtime would be 11 PM.

1. Bedtime notification

Enable bedtime notification and set how long before bedtime you want to receive them.

2. Sleep duration goal

Daily sleep duration goal is your target sleep duration - how much time would you ideally want to sleep each night.

Daily sleep duration is influenced by:

The ideal daily amount of sleep for healthy adults is 7-9 hours, according to Mayo Clinic.

In the app the sleep score uses your age (if provided in Settings → Stats) to adjust the ideal sleep times for the Sleep score stats.


6.5 - 9 hours

School age

9 - 11 hours


8 - 10 hours


7 - 9 hours


6 - 9 hours

Note For biphasic and polyphasic sleep goals of individual naps, see the Polyphasic sleeping schedule chapter.

3. Repeat

How often to repeat the notification.

10 Minutes Repeat will notify you once at notification time and then every 10 minutes until you dismiss the notification away or start sleep tracking.

4. Smart bedtime

When enabled, Smart Bedtime adjusts the notification time based on your sleep loss over the past 5 days, the average length of the Smart Wake period, and the default pause time at the start of sleep tracking. The exact formula is

smart time to bed = next alarm – daily sleep duration goal – smart period – delayed tracking – in(5 days average sleep deficit > 10 min, 45 min)

5. Per-alarm bedtime notification

A special case of bedtime notifications for polyphasic sleeping schedules (see Polyphasic sleeping schedule).