Create alarm

1. What it does

Creating new alarms or a naps.

2. Where to find it

New alarms are created using ic alarm plus or by using any of the sleep or nap shortcuts which create a new alarm (with the Delete after ringing option enabled) and start sleep tracking in one step.

new alarms
Figure 1. Ways to create a new alarm

To quickly edit trigger time of an existing alarm, tap on the time of the alarm.

To edit Alarm-specific settings of your alarm, tap anywhere else than the the alarm time or the alarm switch button.

alarm edit
Figure 2. Edit alarm time

3. Options

Time picker

You can choose between analog clock time picker (default) and wheel time picker (This can be configured in Settings → Personalize → Analog time picker).


Use the mic icon ic action mic and then say the time aloud. Google speech recognition will fill in the time.


Use the e.g. 700 text field and type the time in HHMM format.

Wake up at the next sunrise

Use the ic action sunrise button - the alarm will be scheduled for your local sunrise time.

Note Location permission is needed for sunrise alarms.
Wake up at an ideal time

Tap on the ic target button or GOAL button. The time is scheduled to reach your Daily sleep duration goal.

time picker a
Figure 3. Analogue time picker
time picker b
Figure 4. Wheel time picker