Create alarm

1. What it does

Creating new alarms or a naps.

2. Where to find it

You can create an alarm by using one of these methods:

Set new alarm card

on Dashboard, when there is no active alarm. set alarm 1

Alarm icon ic alarm plus

in the search bar (Tabs layout) set alarm 2

Alarm icon ic alarm plus

on the alarm card (Dashboard layout) set alarm 3

Alarm icon widget

from the main screen set alarm 4

Shortcut bar on the Dashboard

creates a new alarm (with the Delete after ringing option enabled) and start sleep tracking in one step.
set alarm 5

To quickly edit trigger time of an existing alarm, tap on the time of the alarm.

To edit Alarm-specific settings of your alarm, tap anywhere else than the the alarm time or the alarm switch button.

alarm edit
Figure 1. Edit alarm time

3. Options

Note All options in the per-alarm settings will override the settings default for other alarms, and are applied to this alarm only. If you wish to change all alarms, go to Settings → Alarms.

Name your alarms - see guide how to add a label


Chooses the alarm time. You have four several options how the time picker should like like - analog, wheel Google, wheel original - check your options below.


The first next occurrence of the alarm, tapping on this option opens date picker.


Chooses the pattern of the repetition:

  • Weekly - repeats the day pattern every week

  • Odd week - repeats the day pattern every off week

  • Even week - repeats the day pattern every even week

  • Non-weekly - every 2nd-6th day

  • Monday - Sunday - you can choose any combination of weekdays.


See Ringtone.

Gentle volume increase

Gentle volume makes sure to wake you with minimum volume required for a more pleasant wake up. Alarm starts at minimum volume and will gradually increase to maximum.

  • Disabled - Alarm rings at system’s alarm stream volume (or media stream when using streaming services or changing the Alarm output settings). For more details see the Ringtone section.

  • 30 seconds - a brief period of increased sound followed by sound at current system’s volume.

  • 1-24 minutes - Sets how long it takes to reach the max volume; the longer the period, the slower the volume increases and the longer it takes to reach the max.


Enables phone vibrations (do not confuse with vibrations on wearable).

  • Disabled - No vibrations on phone at all.

  • From start - Vibrations start at alarm time.

  • After 30 seconds - Vibrations start after 30 seconds.

  • After 1-24 minutes - Vibrations start after set time.

Delayed alarm sound start

You may want to first give chance to Smartlight or vibrations to wake you up, before the alarm starts sounding.

  • Disabled - Sound starts at alarm time.

  • 30 seconds - 24 minutes - Sounds starts after set time.

Vibrate (Wearables)

Enables and controls vibrations on a connected wearable.

Snooze duration

The primary snooze time on alarm screen. This appears on the big Snooze button.
If you enable Changing snooze time in the Alarms default settings, there are additional snooze options as well.

Snooze limit

The maximum count of snoozes you are allowed. When this number is reached, you can only dismiss the alarm, the green Snooze are greyed out and disabled.

Maximum total snooze time

The maximum total time you are allowed to snooze. When this total time is reached, you can only use Dismiss.

Snooze after alarm time

Snoozing can be completely disabled after the set alarm time is reached (Does not have effect with disabled Smart wake up)

Example If your alarm is set to 7:00 and due to Smart wake up it rings at 6:57, the maximum snooze duration is 3 minutes.
Smart period

Controls the smart period duration for this alarm. Check the chapter on Smart period here.

Captcha: Stop oversleeping!

Short task to prove you are fully woken up, each alarm can have different Captcha type. Read more details here.

Bedtime notification

Enables bedtime notification and set how long before bedtime to receive it. See chapter on Bedtime notifications for details

Sleep duration goal

Set how much time would you ideally want to sleep each night. See also Daily sleep duration goal.

Terminate tracking

Enabled by default. Normally dismissing an alarm will end current sleep tracking. Disable this to continue tracking even after you dismiss the alarm.

Delete after ringing

Deletes this alarm completely after dismiss (useful for one-time alarms, default for naps).

4. Options for choosing the alarm time

Time picker

You can choose between analog clock time picker (default) and wheel time picker and Material You time picker (This can be configured in Settings → Personalize → Analog time picker or at Settings → Personalize → Material time picker).


Use the mic icon ic action mic and then say the time aloud. Google speech recognition will fill in the time.


Use the e.g. 700 text field and type the time in HHMM format.

Wake up at the next sunrise

Use the ic action sunrise button - the alarm will be scheduled for your local sunrise time.

Note Location permission is needed for sunrise alarms.
Wake up at an ideal time

Tap on the ic target button or GOAL button. The time is scheduled to reach your Daily sleep duration goal.

time picker a
Figure 2. Analogue time picker
time picker b
Figure 3. Wheel time picker
time picker c
Figure 4. Material YOU picker