Power nap

1. What it does

Power nap is a special case of Smart wake-up for situations when you don’t have a concrete time to wake up, but you prefer to sleep at least a given time and then wake up softly after your current sleep cycle ends.

Example Let's say it is weekend and you can wake up any time after 10:00. Scheduling a power nap alarm for 10:00 will look for the best moment to wake you up between 10:00-11:00.
Note You can do a nap of minimum 20 minutes but let Sleep as Android find you best moment afterward so power nap will make sure you sleep at least 20 minutes and find the best moment in 20 + 59 minutes.

2. Where to find it

Settings → Sleep tracking → Smart wakeup → Smart period / Nap smart period


Alarms go off one hour late (59 minutes)

  • Your smart period is set to Power nap (see power nap)

  • When this option is selected as your smart wake up method, the warning screen with an explanation needs to be confirmed.

    1. Change the smart wake up period in Settings → Sleep tracking → Smart wake up → Smart period or in Settings → Sleep tracking → Smart wake up → Nap smart period