Changes how your alarms sound.

Choose any music or sounds from a built-in nature sounds library, from your device storage or use online radios or streaming services such as Spotify for even more enjoyable mornings.

Settings → Alarm default settings → Sound
per-alarm settings → Sound

1. Nature

A great selection of nature sounds by Sleep (birds, ocean, storm…​)

2. Phone

You can pick any music file from your storage.


sounds labeled as ringtones from your system

Your Music

tagged as a music by the system

Your Music

all sound files, that were not tagged as a music by the system

Any other own file

you can manually choose any other file from your internal or external storage you did not find listed.

2.1. How to add your own song or sound file

  1. Switch to Phone tab at the top.

  2. Tap on the folder icon ic folder in the upper right corner.

  3. Select a file in your file browser.

Warning Make sure the file is available and the app has permission for accessing that folder. On newer Android versions, the safest folder is Media. Downloads folder is not recommended.

3. Radio

Several SomaFM radios are added by default - all available online radio stations with links here. You can add other radio stations - see the guide below.

Note In the morning, Sleep waits for 30 seconds while trying to establish the connection. If it can’t play radio, it plays the local ringtone.

3.1. How to add your own radio

  1. Switch the tap at the top to Radio.

  2. Tap the (+) icon.

  3. Insert the the stream URL (do not confuse with radio URL) to the second box, top row is for naming your radio.

  4. Tap on Add to confirm.

Note You can try radio stream URL search engines, like this one.

4. Spotify

You can choose sounds from your Spotify Library

Current playlist

Plays the last opened playlist.


Select any playlist from your library.

5. Playlist

You can create a playlist of your liking, from any combination of sounds from all the previous categories. The songs can be played in order, or shuffled. See the guide below on how to create the playlist, and how to control the songs' order.

5.1. How to manage your own playlists

  1. Switch the tab at top to Playlist (at the end).

  2. By ticking the box next to the songs' name, choose each file you wish to have in the playlist.

  3. You can play the preview with the ic action play button on the control panel (bar for volume will change the volume of the reply).

  4. You can change the order of the played songs,by tapping on the icon to change the playback mode.

is playlist loop1

one song looping, the app will play each day a new song from the list, looping it

ic playlist inorder

ordered list, you can see the order next to the songs' names

ic playlist shuffle

shuffled, songs are playing in a random order

ic action discard

reverts the selection, so you can start over.

6. Silent alarm

Available only in Alarm-specific settings. Won’t turn off vibrations.


Gentle volume increase is enabled or set for too long period
  • Try a shorter period in Settings → Alarms → Gentle volume increase, the shortest period is 1 minute - the volume goes from zero to full volume in one minute.

Your ringtone volume may be too too low
  • Make sure the ringer volume is high enough - press the volume button on your phone and expand the dialog that appears on the side of the screen. The sound screen will show you the level of each sound stream on your phone.

Loading of the selected file may have failed
  1. Make sure that you have selected the correct ringtone - check the Alarm default settings in Settings → Alarms → Sound, or the settings of each alarm.

  2. Check that the file has not been moved or deleted and that SD card is available at the time of the alarm.

  3. Check that the app has storage permission to access the file.

Online service (Spotify, Google Music, online radio) may not be responding

If the service is not responding for too long, the app will use a built-in ringtone.
If the alarm starts and your phone is locked we are unable to change the playlist or album in your Spotify app. In this case the app will simply play where you last left it.

Battery optimization has been enabled
  • When battery optimization is enabled, vibrations do not work, so the app loads the built-in ringtone to make sure you wake up.

    1. Check Settings → Sleep tracking → Battery optimized.

    2. Do not enable Save battery option from the Tracking screen → Stop and save pull up menu → Save battery.

      Phone has been restarted
  • If the phone screen is locked after a restart, the app cannot load any files.

  • The phone will ring with the built-in ringtone and vibrate.