1. What it does

Changes how will your alarm sound.

Choose any music or sounds from a built-in nature sounds library, from your local device storage or use online radios or streaming services such as Spotify for even more enjoyable mornings.*

2. Where to find it

Settings → Alarm default settings → Ringtone

3. Options


Available only in Alarm-specific settings. Won’t turn off vibrations.

Single ringtone

You can choose a single ringtone or multiple ringtones to create a playlist (see below).

Note When you choose a sound, you will hear the preview.

Tap on the playlist icon in top right ic action view as list and choose files to create your own playlist.

Browse your local files

Tap on the folder icon ic folder and select your files from your internal or external storage. The system file picker will show up and you may need to enable external storage access first before you can see it in the picker.

Online radio

You can add any radio you want, if you provide the stream URL (do not confuse with radio URL). Few SomaFM radios are added by default.
Available online radios:

  • Ancient FM - a community funded radio station

  • Bagel Rock

  • Beat Blender

  • Chillout Lounge

  • Covers

  • Folk Salad

  • Groove Salad

  • Illinois Street Lounge

  • Lush

  • Sleep Pill

  • Sonic Universe

  • Space station

  • Underground 80s

Note In the morning, Sleep turns on the Wifi automatically and waits for 30 seconds while trying to establish the connection. If it can’t play radio, it plays the local ringtone.
Spotify playlist

You can add your saved albums or playlists from Spotify’s Your Library > Albums / Playlists

Other playlists (including Google Play Music playlists)

Lots of media player apps can create such playlists from music that is available on your phone.

4. Guide

How to create your own playlist
  1. Open Ringtone selection and tap on the ic action view as list in the upper right corner.

  2. Now select any combination of the available ringtones.

  3. Choose the order (Shuffle / Order / Loop single) in the ⋮ menu in upper right corner.

  4. Confirm the selection with "OK" button or ic action accept.

    • See a video guide

How to add my own song, sound file
  1. Tap on the folder icon ic folder in the upper right corner.

  2. Select a file in your file browser

  3. Make sure the file is available and the app has permission for accessing that folder.

    • See a video guide


Alarm sound is too quiet

Gentle volume increase is enabled or set for too long period
  • Try shorter period in Settings → Alarms → Gentle volume increase, the shortest period is 1 minutes - the volume goes from zero to full volume during one minute.

Your ringtone volume might be too too low
  • Check the volume of the ringtone in Settings → Alarms → Ringtone or in the settings of each individual alarm in per-alarm settings.

Alarms do not play selected ringtone

Loading of the selected file may have failed
  1. Make sure that you have selected the correct ringtone - check per-alarm settings and Alarm default settings.

  2. Check if the file has not been moved or deleted and that SD card is available at the time of the alarm.

  3. Check that the app has storage permission to access that file.

Online service (Spotify, Google Music, online radio) may not have responded

When the service is not responding for too long, the app uses a build-in ringtone.
When alarm starts and your phone is locked we are unable to change the playlist or album in your Spotify app. In this case the app will play simply where you last left it.

Silent alarm goes off with a sound

Battery optimization was enabled
  • When battery optimization is enabled, vibrations do not work, so the app is loading the built-in ringtone to ensure your wake up.

    1. Check Settings → Sleep tracking → Battery optimized.

    2. Do not enable Save battery option from the Tracking screen → Stop and save pull up menu → Save battery.

Phone was rebooted
  • When the phone screen is locked after a reboot, the app cannot load any files.

  • The phone rings with the build-in ringtone and vibrates.