Plays you a lullaby when you get to bed to help you fall asleep better.

For lullabies, you can use built-in Nature sound lullabies, your own music, Spotify, online radio, or you can mix in binaural beats.
You can listen to your favourite music the whole night, or let the app control the volume and gradually lower it to zero after you started falling asleep with Turn off when sleeping feature.

Settings → Lullaby
Leftmenu → Lullaby
ic action lullaby icon on the tracking screen

1. Options

1.1. Nature

Built-in lullabies

are composed of repetitive sounds making your brain tired and sleepy, and sudden sounds for complete and rich experience stimulating your fantasy.
Five lullabies are build in for free, five additional lullabies available after unlocking the app and many more with the Sleep Lullaby extension pack.

  • Whale diving

  • Thunderstorm

  • Mountain stream

  • White noise

  • Down in a cave

  • Fireplace

  • Ocean beach

  • Windy walk

  • Old clock

  • Chants of Tibet

Lullaby Add-ons
  • Summer night

  • Frogs in pond

  • North wind

  • Jungle

  • Lava cake

  • Galloping horse

  • Sheep counting

  • Wind chimes

  • Om chant

  • Temple bells

  • Flute

  • Tribal drums

  • Piano

  • Cat purr

  • Steam train

  • NASA Saturn "sound"

  • Submarine

  • War march

  • Musicbox

  • Baby in belly

  • Girl singing

  • Choir

  • Slow breath

  • Spaceship

  • Brown noise

  • Pink noise

  • Forest

  • Baby Doppler

  • Heart

  • Car

  • Fireworks

  • Fan

  • Hairdryer

  • Shower

  • Shush

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Washing machine

  • Restaurant

1.2. Spotify

You can choose lullabies from your Spotify Library

  • Current playlist

  • Playlists

1.3. Radio

Several SomaFM radios are added by default - all available online radio stations with links here. You can add other radio stations - see the guide below.

2. Settings


Plays a preview of your current lullaby

Turn off when sleeping

Controls the system-wide volume level and turns it gradually down when you fall asleep.

Note This feature only works when Sleep tracking is active.
  • Works with built-in lullabies and any sound player app or service.

  • You can set minimal time of playback (5-90 min).


Controls volume of lullabies.

Sudden sounds volume

Controls volume of sudden sounds (e.g. thunders, bubbles).

Start automatically

Initiates lullabies automatically when tracking starts.


Meditation lullabies requires a free add-on Lis10 from Play Store.
The addon is a text-to-speech editor, that gives you a full freedom of the content. You can adjust the meditation to fit your needs.
The addon provides a few samples, but you are free to edit them or create your own meditations.


When enabled, the mediation will start automatically if the lullaby starts.

Note You need to have the lullaby automatic start enabled, or start the lullaby manually from the tracking screen with the ic action lullaby icon in the top right corner.
  • Meditation Daytime

  • Meditation Fall Asleep

  • Wim Hof Inspired Breathing Exercise

Voice setup

Opens the settings for the Text-to-speech engine on your phone, where you can change the voice parameters, like tone, language, and rate.


Takes you directly to the addon web on Play Store.

Binaural beats

Bineaural beats mix real-time generated binaural tones into lullaby playback. Read more about binaural beats.

Binaural beats

Enables binaural beats into lullaby playback - effective only if you use the lullaby with headphones.

Warning We do strongly discourage users from using binaural beats if they suffer epileptic or cardiac issues!
  • Delta - frequency goes down to 2 Hz

  • Theta - frequency goes down to 4 Hz


Sets a volume of binaural tones.

Binaural beats in alarm

Configures stimulating binaural beats into alarm sound.

  • Beta - frequency around 20 Hz

  • Gamma - frequency around 40 Hz

Turn off WiFi after lullaby

Turns off the WiFi signal once the volume reaches zero. For online radios and streaming services.

3. Guides

3.1. How to add your own radio

  1. Switch the tap at the top to Radio.

  2. Tap the (+) icon.

  3. Insert the the stream URL (do not confuse with radio URL) to the second box, top row is for naming your radio.

  4. Tap on Add to confirm.

    Note You can try radio stream URL search engines, like this one.

3.2. How to play own music as lullaby

  1. Configure the minimal playback duration in Settings → Sleep tracking → Lullabies → Turn off when sleeping (from 5 minutes to 90 minutes).

  2. Open an external player you normally use for listening music, and start playing.

  3. Start sleep tracking.

  4. After the minimal playback time is reached,the app will search for when you start falling asleep, and then lower the volume gradually.


You are free to use any mp3 file you like or any player. With the feature Turn off when sleeping, just start the playback in your favorite player. Lullaby volume down will take care to bring to volume down after you fall asleep. For more details, see Lullabies.

  • Normally if lullaby with a timer is played, we stop noise recording, unless you have something plugged into your headphone jack as than we expect you have headphones and we can record normally.

  • We have reports that this can happen on some devices, this depends on how the device mixes audio channels.

  • Try a different frequency in Settings → Sleep tracking → Test sensor, frequencies are listed in the drop down menu list.

If you notice your volume gradually dropping after a while while tracking is running, the Turn off when sleeping is enabled. This feature lowers the system-wide volume, so it also affects music played outside of Sleep.

  1. Go to Settings → Sleep tracking → Lullabies → Turn off when sleeping.

  2. Increase the minimum play time (5-90 minutes).

  3. Or disable the feature altogether by setting it to Disabled, and the app won’t change the volume.

Warning When tracking with sonar, the volume must be kept at maximum to maintain reliable results.

Unfortunately, this also affects media volume in third-party applications, and we cannot control those separately from Sonar’s media volume. This means that while using Sonar, you can only use media applications at full volume.

You can set a time delay to start tracking in Settings → Sleep Tracking → Awake Detection → Delayed Sleep Tracking.

External Players

When using Sonar, you cannot use the volume buttons to control the media volume because it always jumps back to maximum.


You can control the volume of lullabies from the Sleep app (Settings → Lullabies) and from Lullaby add-on pack - when you lower the volume with the volume buttons, the lullaby volume is estimated and adjusted accordingly, the Sonar volume is still kept at maximum.