Helps you actively improve your sleep habits.

Left ☰ menu → Goal

Goals are free to use – but let’s be honest to ourselves. Motivation to change your habits is much higher if there is something tangible at stake. Let’s say a few dollars.

1. Set up a goal

In the Goal screen, tap on the plus button.

goal progress succesful
Figure 1. Adding a new goal
  1. Select area in which you’d like to improve over the next 1 month (Duration, Fall asleep hour, Irregularity, Awake, Deep sleep, Snoring, Snooze)

  2. Choose your motivation. You can try the goal for free, or you can bet a few bucks on yourself.

    • You can bet a smaller wager or a bigger wager. In the US, a small wager is around $2, big wager around $4. When you select the wager and confirm the goal, you will see the exact price and then you can confirm or decline the payment.

      • $ = free

      • $ = about $2

      • $$ = about $4

  3. Your current standing in the selected area (Here, sleep irregularity)

  4. Set your goal for the next 1 month!

2. Goal progress

After you create a goal you can check on the progress in Left ☰ menu → Goal, or you can see it in glance on your Dashboard Goal card.

In Figure 2, “Checking goal progress” you see an example of a goal in progress. It consists of 3 series:

  • The orange line shows your target, where you want to get

  • The green line is the guideline. To maximize change for a successful goal and to make your transition smooth we recommend to try to keep under or over the guideline at all times depending whether your try to increase or decrease aon of your sleep Dimensions.

  • The blue line shows your current average value of the dimension you are trying to change.

    Note Before the start of the goal we show a 30 days rolling average of the measure you try to change. But after we show the average from only the values after in the goal time range. This means at the beginning the values will probably be quite bumpy before they start to converge into more stable values.
goal progress
Figure 2. Checking goal progress