Helps you actively improve your sleep habits.

Left ☰ menu → Goal

Goals are free to use – but let’s be honest to ourselves. Motivation to change your habits is much higher if there is something tangible at stake. Let’s say a few dollars.

1. Set up a goal

  1. In the Goal screen, choose one of the goals you wish to improve over the next 1 month from the list.

  2. Adjust the goal with (+) and (-) icons on the sides - the number in the middle of the large bubble will guide you about what is the final goal.

  3. Choose your Motivation, if you wish (it is not necessary). You can try the goal for free, or you can bet a few bucks on yourself - you can bet a smaller wager or a bigger wager. In the US, a small wager is around $2, big wager around $4. When you select the wager and confirm the goal, you will see the exact price and then you can confirm or decline the payment.

    • $ = free

    • $ = about $2

    • $$ = about $4

  4. Tap Set your goal at the bottom.

goal setup
Figure 1. Adding a new goal

2. Goal progress

After you create a goal you can check on the progress in Left ☰ menu → Goal, or you can see it in glance on your Dashboard Goal card.

goal progress card

This timeline progress shows your progress (the human) vs the time. If your human is behind the hourglass, you are falling behind your schedule, and you need to try harder in the next days.

goal progress

  • Overview - showing the initial value, the progress in percentage and the progress value (for example current bedtime, or sleep duration), and your goal.

  • Current value progress:

    • Orange line shows the goal, each column is one day

    • Accent color columns - you met your goal (accent color columns) that day

    • Red columns - you did not met hte goal on a give day.

  • Average value progress:

    • The orange line shows your target, where you want to get.

    • The line in accent color shows your current average value of the dimension you are trying to change. The points on the line represents one day.