Sleep as Android integrates Garmin wearables that support the ConnectIQ (CIQ) platform.

Does your watch support the ConnectIQ platform? check here.

1. How to set up

You will need to install the following apps:

For the phone:

For the watch:

  • If your watch supports ConnectIQ at least 3.1, install the current version of the watch app:

    • link to the app (install through the ConnectIQ Store in Garmin Connect app)

  • If your watch isn’t being updated anymore by Garmin and supports only ConnectIQ version less than 3.1, you will need to sideload a legacy version of the Sleep app:

    • look here, find your model and put the corresponding file (Sleep.prg) onto your device, in /GARMIN/APPS folder

Make sure that all of the apps are installed, and then select Sleep → Settings → Wearables → Use wearables → Garmin.

To start sleep tracking with your watch, tap Start tracking on the Homescreen.

Warning Garmin integration does not support testing the sensor with Test sensor.
Warning On some watches (mainly Vivoactive 3) there is a long-standing firmware issue that prevents you from accepting the starting dialog on the watch. Please start tracking from the watch instead. See FAQ: Garmin - Cannot accept start dialog (green tick)

2. Supported watches

3. Unsupported watches

Note This list may not be exhaustive.
  • Garmin - Non-Connect IQ devices


Cannot install app on Wear OS device

Sleep tracking with Wear OS device requires a companion app installed from the Play Store on the watch.

How to get there:

  1. Make sure the watch is connected to the phone.

  2. Go to app list on your watch, select Play Store.

  3. Find Sleep as Android and select Install.

  4. After the companion app is installed, you can enable the connection in Settings → Wearables → Use wearable → Wear OS.

  5. Test the connection in Settings → Wearables → Test sensor - you should see a graph reacting to your movement (a short delay is normal, data are sent in batches).

Note Sleep tracking collects data the night and they are analyzed in real-time. This means the watch must stay connected with BT during sleep tracking.

Do you support / integrate my device?

For all currently supported devices, check out list of compatible devices.

If you’d like us to integrate another device, please add it as a suggestion to our suggestion forum. Also please check whether the device has an API so we can integrate it.

Garmin - Backlight turns on

  • On Garmin watches there is a system-wide gesture backlight setting that will light up your screen on wrist move, when you have any app running. This setting is ON by default.

    1. Go to settings/system/lightning/during activity/gesture and switch it to off. Now the light does not switch on if you are running or cycling and turning your wrist. Check that it’s still on for buttons and alarms so it’ll turn on if you need it during sport.

  • Fenix 6: It may be possible to set a power mode / power profile in the Power manager so that backlight won’t light up in the Sleep app only.

Garmin - Cannot accept start dialog (green tick)

This dialog is the only way to start a watch app from the phone. There’s unfortunately no way to do it without that dialog.

However, there is a bug in Garmin firmware that breaks this dialog on Vivoactive watches.

In that case please don’t start sleep tracking from the phone.
As a workaround, start sleep tracking from the watch (just start the app on watch and it will trigger sleep tracking on the phone).

Garmin - can I get rid of the confirmation dialog at Sleep start?

When initiating sleep tracking from the phone, you have to confirm a dialog on the watch, asking you whether you want to launch Sleep. To initiate connection between the watch and phone, we need to start the Sleep app on watch - however, as designed by Garmin, it is not possible to programmatically start an app on the watch without asking the user for consent.

It seems like a weird decision in the context of sleep tracking. The reason as stated by Garmin is that all ConnectIQ apps are treated as "activities", meaning actual physical activities, and that the watches only allow one app to run at the same time (no multitasking). You wouldn’t want a random app to replace your current activity (say, that’s recording your running in the middle of a marathon) and let you lose your data. Apparently we’re gonna have to live with that :/

Samsung Galaxy Gear - Watch app stuck on "Start tracking"

This can be a result of multiple things, so please make sure to do the following troubleshooting:

  1. Make sure you have Sleep as Android Gear Addon installed on your phone

  2. It can happen that the addon cannot be started by us if it was force stopped previously. In that case please go to Play Store app on your phone, open addon page tap on “OPEN”.

  3. Opt out of any battery savers that you might have on your phone, for all involved apps (Sleep as Android, Sleep as Android Gear Addon, Samsung Accessory Services) – to find out how to do that, please consult

  4. Samsung Accessory services sometimes misbehaves and prevents connection to the watch for 3rd party apps. Please uninstall and reinstall it.

Tracking starts on its own

  1. Please make sure that you are not accidentally starting the Sleep as Android app from your watch. This would start sleep tracking immediately.

  2. Make sure you are not using automatic start of sleep tracking in Settings → Sleep tracking → Start sleep tracking.
    You can find more information about automatic sleep tracking start here.