1. What it does

Oximeter monitors your oxygen and heart rate levels. You need a compatible device - buy it here.

The compatible oximeters are Berrymed oximeters with custom firmware. We did try a lot of oximeters that are on the market and these had the most reliable data.

2. Where to find it

Settings → Wearables → Pulse oximeter

Figure 1. Pulse oximter

3. Options

Pulse Oximeter

Enable the feature

Low breath rate alarm

If enabled, an alarm will wake you up when you have an low breath rate episode. This tries to prevent your blood oxygen volume from dropping to dangerous levels.

Low breath rate alarm sensitivity

Set sensitivity for the low breath rate alarm.

Figure 2. Resulting sleep graph with SPO2 data

4. Guide

4.1. How to set up

  1. Turn on your oximeter

    1. If you have an older (non-BTLE) oximeter, pair it with your phone using the system bluetooth settings.

    2. If you have a newer (BTLE) oximeter, do not pair it.

  2. Connect the oximeter to the app by tapping Sleep as Android → Settings → Wearables → Pulse oximeter

Now when you start sleep tracking, Sleep will connect to your oximeter to gather SpO2 and HR data.


Oximeter troubleshooting

1. OLD Oximeter (non BTLE)

The app can ONLY connect to the stress locator when it’s first paired with the phone (or removed and re-paired) and no other app has been used (e.g. StressLocator app).

2. NEW Oximeters (BTLE)

  • 2017 and beyond
    The app can only connect to the Oximeter when it is NOT PAIRED to the phone.