Helps you (or your partner) fight snoring.

When enabled, Anti-snoring looks for snoring sounds while you are sleep tracking and will react and try to make you stop snoring.

Apart from audible anti-snoring you can also set your Smartlight devices to react to your snoring by flashing.

Warning Anti-snoring as well as Lucid dreaming may disturb you from sleeping.

Settings → Sleep noise analysis → Anti-snoring

1. Anti-snoring

The options below are shown only if Anti-snoring is enabled.


Anti-snoring will play an audio clip on the phone


Vibrates your phone/smartwatch in case of snoring


will do both sound and vibration

2. Sound

Set the ringtone for anti-snoring.
Default: tongue clicking - a common sound people do to stop partners from snoring.

3. Volume

Set volume for the audio clip.

4. Repeat

Set repeating of the audio clip and vibration for higher efficiency.

5. Force headphones only

Anti-snoring by default plays through headphones and the phone speaker simultaneously. This option enables you to e.g. not disturb your partner with anti-snoring if you use headphones.

6. Preview

Check how your set anti-snoring cue behaves.

Note We strongly recommend to Preview your settings before using it at night to make sure it is not too prominent to fully wake you up.