Sleep time estimation

If you forget to start sleep tracking we can use your phone activity recognition engine and try to estimate you sleep duration.

The next day, a pop-up notification with estimated timings appears.


Settings → Sleep tracking → Automatic sleep tracking → Sleep time estimate


No data from recognition engine are collected.

Manual only

Sleep time estimation is saved only after you confirm it.

Save automatically

Sleep time estimation is saved automatically when a tracking is missing the previous night.

1. How it works

The sleep time suggestion feature is built on completely different basis than sleep tracking itself. Google provides an API (Google Activity Transition API or Google Sleep API), that tells us in which state your phone has been at different times - and we use that currently experimentally to try to assess your sleep time if you weren’t tracking.

Note This feature requires at least 500 events in sensor batching queue. If you don’t see Sleep time estimation listed in the Settings, than your phone does not meet this criteria.