Editing graphs

1. What it does

Any sleep graph can be further edited. You can rate the sleep, add additional awake periods, cut excess time, and add tags or comments.

2. Where to find it

On any sleep graph, tap the pencil ic pencil icon.

3. Guide

3.1. Rating sleep

Rate your sleep by tapping on the stars.

0 = worst sleep, 5 - best sleep.

Note If you leave the rating untouched, it won’t count towards your statistics. If you touch it and drag it to zero, it will count as 0.


3.2. Adding awakes, editing start / end of the tracking

  1. Drag across the graph section that you wish to edit.

  2. That section will zoom in for more precise selection with the handles.

  3. For fine-grained selection, you can enter adjust the time manually in the upper bar.

  4. When the period is selected, tap on the scissors icon in the upper right corner.

    • If at least one end of the selected period is touching the start or end of the graph, the whole period is cut off from the graph (the graph is shortened).

    • When the selected period is within the graph, the period is transformed into awake period, and its duration is subtracted from sleep duration.

edit 3

Note If you are missing any sleep time (you want to add time rather then subtract) you can add your missing time as a new record. To do this please go to the list of Graphs Leftmenu → Graphs or to the Stats screen and use plus Add sleep

3.3. Editing comments and tags

Open the graph editor by tapping on the ic pencil pencil button.

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Choose any of the available icon tags, or you can also create your own tags - read more in Tags.

Tap on the Comment section, and type anything you would like to save as a comment.

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